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Wausau, WI

Mac & Cheese


Heaping serving of spiral pasta, smothered in cheddar, parmesan and garlic cheese sauce. Comes with choice of lobster, grilled chicken, brat bites, or smoked bacon.

Mac Protein Choice:Lobster Grilled Chicken Brat Bites Smoked Bacon Plain +$-5
$ ADD-ONS:Bacon +$3Beef +$5Pork +$4Egg +$1Guacamole +$2.50Chicken Beast +$4Burger Patty +$5Garlic Mayo +$0.25Regular Mayo +$0.25BBQ Sauce +$0.25Jerk Chicken +$5Root Veggies +$3.50Steamed Veggies +$3Lobster +$5Cheese Sauce +$1.50Extra Bread +$2.50Extra Chips +$1Salsa +$0.50Pretzels +$5Extra Taco +$4Gluten-Free Bun +$2.50Avocado +$2.50Wild Mushroom +$0.50Jalapeño +$0.35Carmalized Onion +$0.25Scallions +$0.25Basil +$0.25Brussel Sprouts +$5Bread Stick +$1
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